Protectors are the good guys. They try to defend a way of life even if it means demolishing a few buildings in the process.


The giant robots and armored tanks of Globally United Advanced Research and Defense fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Elemental Champions

These towering demigods wield the power of earth, air, fire, and water to defend humanity from monstrous threats.

Radicals are only interested in an ideal, and civilization takes a back seat when it comes to advancing their goals.


The Terrasaurs, earth-shaking, gargantuan dinosaurs, prefer a simpler time before technology and progress changed so much of the world.

Empire of the Apes

With gargantuan apes from the remotest jungles of Africa, this simian empire is poised to knock mankind back into the Stone Age.

Fiends are pure evil, through and through. They destroy because they enjoy inflicting pain and suffering.

Lords of Cthul

Dark beings from another plane come to enslave the human race.

Subterran Uprising

The underground brutes known as the Subterrans fight to enslave humanity and blot out the sun.

Invaders want what Earth has to offer, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Martian Menace

These diabolical visitors from space have come to harvest Earth’s inhabitants and resources for their own insidious plans.


These tidal terrors seek to invade coastlines around the planet by raising water levels and sinking cities.

Destroyers are motivated by wanton destruction. It’s nothing personal—just don’t get in their way.

Planet Eaters

These ravenous creatures from a far away world want nothing more than to wreck our planet.

Savage Swarm

Like a plague of locusts sweeping across the land, the giant insectoids of the Swarm leave nothing but dust in their wake.

Collaborators have their own objectives. Sometimes they work for the good of humanity, but other times humanity is just a stepping-stone.

Shadow Sun Syndicate

Mystery surrounds the motivations of these stealthy scientifically engineered ninjas.

UberCorp International

The massive UberCorp International has its own interests at heart, a fact that sometimes helps Earth’s cities and sometimes reduces them to rubble.

No Agenda


Structures are figures that provide obstacles and objectives for your monsters. The most common structures are buildings.


Take control of the mighty Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance or Lo-Tron of the fiendish Drule Empire as you wage battle across the unforgiving reaches of space. Launch searing energy blasts, smash your opponent into rogue asteriods, and form blazing sword as you unleash the awesome power of two of the universe's mightiest beings to achieve total victory!