Monsterpocalypse is played on a play mat with figures that represent the various monsters, units and structures in the Monsterpocalypse world. The most important figure in a player’s force is his monster. Monsters come in pairs because in the game you use two different versions of your monster. The monster begins the game in its alpha form, the normal version of the monster, and can transform into the hyper form, an elevated and more powerful state of the monster. You use only one version at a time but can change from one form to the other at different points in the game by swapping the figures.

Of course no monster worth his salt would go to battle alone! Units represent the hordes of minions and support troops that accompany your monster in its fight for supremacy. While not as powerful as monsters on their own, units provide invaluable support and make up for their lack of strength with sheer numbers.

Last but certainly not least are the structures that turn the ordinary play mat into a sprawling metropolitan jungle. Structures can act as obstacles for monsters and units, provide energy for monsters to use during their turn, and create deadly hazards that clever players can use to cause even more damage to the opposing monster!

Every Monsterpocalypse figure is mounted on a base that contains all the information you need to play with your figures. This includes things like how fast the figure moves, how difficult it is to damage, and the strength of its attacks.

Monsterpocalypse is played in alternating turns. At the start of his turn a player must choose to activate either his units or his monster. During a unit turn a player can bring units into play from his reserves, move his units, and attack with his units. During a monster turn a player can move and attack with his monster just like in a unit turn. Monsters can also perform a power up action at the start of the turn to attempt to generate power dice, which allow the monster to make special attacks like body slams and throws. He can also spend power dice to let the monster shift into its hyper form.

During a player’s turn, he spends action dice to perform the various actions available to him. Action dice are used to spawn units, make power up rolls, move, and attack. All the dice in Monsterpocalype have a number of explosion symbols (also called strikes) on them that are used to determine whether an action is successful or not. Players also use blue dice called boost dice and red dice called power dice to augment their action dice rolls. Boost dice are free bonus dice that certain figures get when making attacks. Power dice, on the other hand, must be earned. A player’s monster can spend power dice to greatly increase the chances of success when attacking or to perform special actions such as body slams and shifting into hyper form.

Sample Turn

Now that we have covered the components that make up a game of Monsterpocalypse let’s see how the game plays.

Amid the smoking rubble of a once-mighty city stands the prehistoric forces of the savage Terrasaurs, led by the monster Terra Khan. They are facing off against the invading forces of the Martian Menace and their mighty flagship, the Ares Mothership.

The Terrasaur player goes first and spends 1 action die to spawn a Raptix and another 2 action dice to spawn a Spikodon. With a mighty roar the two Terrasaur units race forward to engage the enemy. The player spends an action die for each figure to move and then moves them in turn. A figure’s speed stat indicates how many spaces it can move on the map.

After moving, it’s time to attack! Because the Raptix is adjacent to the Martian Hunter it can make a brawl attack, trying to use its razor-sharp claws to bring the alien ship down. The Raptix has a brawl stat of , which means it can roll a maximum of 1 action die when it attacks. This leaping lizard also has the Anti-Air special ability, however, as it enjoys taking down flying prey. The ability gives it a free boost die to add to its attack roll against flying figures. The Terrasaur player rolls the dice, known as the dice pool, and gets 2 strikes. This equals the Hunter’s defense stat of , destroying it in a flash of claws and an explosion of ruptured fuel cells. In addition to destroying the Hunter, the Terrasaur player gains a power die that he can use during his monster’s turn.

The Martian Menace player, seeking revenge for his destroyed Hunter, chooses to take a monster turn. Before he moves, the player spends 3 action dice to make a power up roll. He rolls the dice and gets 1 strike. He now gains a power die for every power zone he controls (power zones are the pink squares on the board). He places 1 power die in his monster’s power pool and spends 1 action die to move the Ares Mothership adjacent to the Raptix. He then decides to perform a special power attack called a swat. Swat attacks allow a monster to attack a unit and then hurl it into another unfortunate victim within 5 spaces. To perform a power attack the player must spend at least 1 action die and 1 power die. The Martian Menace player decides to roll 3 action dice and 1 power die. In addition the Ares Mothership gets to add a free boost die to the dice pool, according to the Mothership’s power attack stat of . The player rolls 4 strikes. With a thrum of alien energy the Ares Mothership grabs the unfortunate Raptix and hurls it at the nearby Spikodon. The Martian Menace player gets to reroll the dice he just rolled in a new attack against the Spikodon. He rolls more than enough strikes, and the Spikodon is crushed beneath the force of the thrown Raptix.

Terra Khan cannot allow such an insult to go unpunished, and with an ear-shattering roar he spends 1 action die to charge forward. Once the monster is aligned with the gargantuan saucer, the Terrasaur player declares Terra Khan will make a throw power attack. The player spends 5 action dice and 4 power dice for the attack, then adds 2 boost dice to his pool. He rolls the dice and comes up with 6 strikes. The powerful lizard grabs hold of the Mothership and hurls it into a nearby Downtown Highrise. The impact causes the building to erupt in flames as gas lines burst. The building is destroyed, and the Ares Mothership lies buried in the flaming debris. Before Terra Khan can roar in victory, though, the Ares Mothership begins to glow vibrantly as its engines cycle back to life. It emerges from the destruction, the remains of the flaming highrise cascading off its form.

The battle for Earth continues in the Monsterpocalypse battle miniatures game! Take control of power on a monstrous scale and reach out and crush someone!

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